Alessandro Modena

30 Oktober 2020

UBI-Intesa Sanpaolo Case Study

Translation of confidential Intesa Sanpaolo financial documentation from Italian to English.
14 Oktober 2020

Audiovisual translation

An interview with a foreign leader on the TV news, a film or documentary on television, a series on a streaming platform, a corporate presentation video with subtitles, a fun video on YouTube with a voiceover… all these are examples of how we benefit from audiovisual translation without even being aware of it.
1 Oktober 2020
articolo animali

Hunting for animals in the financial vocabulary

The metaphors inspired by the animal world are so numerous in the financial sector that now they frequently pass unnoticed. Bears and bulls don’t require any particular explanation, but other animal metaphors are not quite as well known. Let’s look at some examples.
15 September 2020


Katya Aricci, Arkadia’s CEO, had this to say: “We are very proud of this award, which is a great satisfaction both for the company and the Arkadia team that works in synergy every day dealing with different types of customers and requests. CSA is a worldwide institution in the field of translations. Receiving recognition at such a high level means that our work is appreciated all over the world”.
1 September 2020

Simultaneous interpreting service from Italian to French and Dutch for an online Masterclass held by the multi-Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura and organised by the BeNeLux Chamber of Commerce Association.

Modena-born chef Massimo Bottura is an artist, instigator and innovator; and with an eclectic career spanning twenty years which commenced in the kitchens of Emilia Romagna to finally reach the realms of international Molecular Gastronomy, what better ambassador of modern Italian cuisine, than chef Massimo Bottura who brings together tradition, innovation and the philosophy of recovering the most authentic foods, in a truly artistic manner.
16 Juli 2020

Translation from Italian to English of a research study in the field of viniculture for a specialist publishing house.

An industry leader in the world of publishing and high-end editorial services turned to Arkadia for a translation into English of a complex volume that gathered together the results of a scientific study into one of the most prestigious wine-growing regions in Italy.
10 Juli 2020

The translation agency: your partner for multilingual communication and internationalisation

While in absolute terms this figure represents only a small part of the global economy, the sector has been attracting more and more companies for some time – both for its solid growth prospects and for the absence of barriers to entry. The result is a very fragmented market, made up of many different entities – from the multinationals that set up offices around the world and often offer language services along with other consultancy services, to small, family-run translation firms.
3 Juli 2020

Translation of the 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements from English to Chinese for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA (CDP) is an Italian financial institution, established in 1850, which promotes the sustainable development of the country, responsibly using savings to encourage growth and employment, and supporting innovation and competitiveness for businesses, infrastructures and the territory.
3 Juli 2020

Remote simultaneous interpreting service from Italian into English for Borsa Italiana at the 2020 STAR Conference

For the last 5 years Arkadia has provided translation and interpreting services to Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange). Interpreting services were provided above all for the STAR Conference, during which Italian and international analysts and investors meet to discuss the results and prospects of small and medium-sized Italian enterprises.