Alessandro Modena

29 Juni 2020

Translation in 26 languages for ServiceChannel, industry leader in facility management software platforms.

ServiceChannel is active in facility management software development. It was founded in 1999 with the core concept of transforming the way facility management professionals cooperate with their commercial partners. To this end, ServiceChannel created a cloud-based service automation and reporting platform, where clients and suppliers can connect and work together in an efficient manner.
26 Juni 2020

The Many Faces of Legal Translation

Anyone who has ever needed to translate legal documents has certainly found themselves dealing with offers for linguistic services that, rather than helping, often cause confusion, given the various types of translations: legal translations, legalised translations, sworn translations, and translations used in court proceedings.
23 Juni 2020

Metaphors in the News: From the Global Financial Crisis to the Coronavirus Epidemic

Metaphors, as one of the most widespread rhetorical figures in literature, are so deeply rooted in language they have become a part of everyday speech. With the use of evocative images, metaphors allow us to categorise human experience, affecting how we perceive events.