Dear Clients,

2017 has been a hugely satisfying year for Arkadia Translations, registering a steady growth as has continually been the case since 1999, when the agency was founded. We have established ourselves as one of the most steadfast translation agencies in the Italian and international landscape.

We ended 2017 with an 11% increase in turnover from the previous year, climbing to the 17th position out of 180 translation companies in Italy, according to the sector study conducted by Plimsoll. The figures speak for themselves: more than 4,000 projects were completed, with 18 million words translated, and two major tenders were also awarded to us.

2017 saw a sharp increase in requests for legal-financial translations from professional firms and financial and multinational institutions, with the Brexit situation being a contributing factor to this. To deal with this massive increase, we employed state-of-the-art technological tools, coordinated increasingly specialized internal and external teams, and introduced the required innovations into processes in order to compete in the increasingly complex market imposed on the world of translation by internationalisation. We met the huge demand for language services from our clients whilst maintaining the quality of the final product, a benchmark that has always made us stand out over the years.

Over the course of last year, Arkadia Translations also developed major partnerships with departments responsible for legal and corporate affairs, as well as for the external relations of listed and non-listed companies that form the very best of the entrepreneurial fabric of Italy. This allowed Arkadia to further specialize in the field of company and corporate communications.

We renewed our UNI EN ISO 9001_2008 certification, as well as UNI 10574_2007 for interpreting, and updated our UNI EN ISO 17100_2015 certification for translation services.

In light of the outstanding results achieved, we thank our clients and partners, confident that our reliability, quality and precision, values that have always made us stand out, will be just payment for their loyalty to Arkadia Translations.

The Arkadia Team

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