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Arkadia Translations takes a pioneering approach to new translation technologies.

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Whether you need to translate a document or find an interpreter, Arkadia Translations, the translation agency with over 20 years’ experience in translation and interpreting, works every day with expert native-speakers specialising in technical sectors to provide its partners with tailor-made, flawless translations. With years of experience in many different areas, Arkadia Translations continues to provide its customers with complex translations that are perfect in every sense.

Unsurprisingly, Arkadia is the translation agency of choice for many companies around the world. We never forget what is truly important: providing professional and personalised translation services at local level to match our customers’ needs. Since we started out in 1999, we have recruited over 500 translators working in some 80 languages. With offices in Brussels and Milan, we can put you in touch with all the resources you need for your projects.

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Legal translations

Our translators in the legal sector have a full grasp of legal terminology. Our experience has enabled us to establish ongoing relationships with leading international law firms.

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Financial translations

Every year we translate some 300 financial statements for banks and businesses, as well as all types of financial documents. We manage large-scale projects ranging from translations to sworn court statements.

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Website translations

We translate web content with a keen eye for localisation and SEO, helping improve search engine results based on target users and countries. We work in synergy with our customers to manage international keywords.

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Marketing translations

Our marketing experts adapt to the target language and culture, localising your content by guiding you through a questionnaire and creating texts that meet the needs of the target audience.

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