18 March 2024
Traduzione documentazione legale

Translation of legal documents into a number of different variants of the Spanish language

Translating legal documents is never an easy task… A solid linguistic background is not enough without extensive […]
19 October 2023
Localisation of an Italian museum’s website

Localisation of an Italian museum’s website

The localisation of a museum’s website is a crucial process for ensuring the accessibility of cultural content […]
24 February 2023
Traduzione bilancio d'esercizio

Why should an organisation translate its annual financial reports?

Translating annual financial statements is a sensitive task, which involves a number of details: let’s break them […]
13 February 2023
Valentine's Day: the unexpected traditions

Valentine’s Day: the unexpected traditions

The origins of Valentine’s Day are not really clear. According to some accounts, it goes back to […]
26 January 2023

The Colibri Project for the World Customs Organisation

The client The World Customs Organisation (WCO) is the supranational body committed since 1952 to enhancing the […]
1 December 2022

Inclusive and multicultural language

The modern society we live in has been multicultural for years now, and its evolution has led […]
21 November 2022

Is voice-over used more than subtitles?

TV ads are part of our everyday life. We are used to seeing them while we watch […]
4 November 2022

Localisation in the Nordic market

We have talked on various occasions about the importance of localisation for companies that wish to expand […]
23 September 2022

International Day of Sign Languages

23 September marks a very important event that celebrates Sign Language, promoting a message of support and […]