In the face of the latest Italian Decree Law dictating the new rules for businesses, we would like to inform you that Arkadia is operational and fully available in support of its clients.

Arkadia is the name, reliability is the game.

Our workflow and our availability remain unaltered thanks to the #remoteworking structure we have tested over the years and now operational for all our employees, ensuring maximum professionalism and availability in the management of any type of job.

In challenging times, Arkadia does not find excuses, but solutions

Considering the increasingly troubling situation affecting all of us on a GLOBAL level, we are firm supporters of the mottos #istayathome and #closebutfar, and specifically so as to not halt your business, also in #remoteworking, we have come up with a remote interpreting service which will make it possible for you to continue with your international calls or important meetings with the foreign office.

Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on this new, innovative service.

Today more than ever, Arkadia’s Payoff resounds like a creed:

Words Connecting Worlds

Arkadia Translations celebrates 20 successful years

Arkadia Translations recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. These two decades of activity were celebrated in grand style on 10 October at the Terrazza Triennale in Milan with an exclusive cocktail party, where over 100 guests arrived to toast the company’s first 20 years of success.

Arkadia will be acting as a technical sponsor at the third edition of the prestigious Legalcommunity Week (LCW), held from 10 to 14 June in Milan.

For its fifth year, Arkadia Translations will be participating as a technical partner in the 18th edition of the STAR Conference, to be held on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March 2019 at the headquarters of Borsa Italiana (the Italian Stock Exchange), at 6 Piazza degli Affari in Milan.

Arkadia Translations will be acting as technical partner at the sixth Forum on Anti-Corruption for Italy organised by C5. The event will take place at Milan’s Hotel Melià on 13 and 14 March 2019.

 Arkadia Translations si fa sempre più grande e, come per ogni crescita che si rispetti, non potevamo tralasciare l’ambiente in cui ogni giorno mettiamo a disposizione del cliente le nostre risorse, ma soprattutto le nostre competenze.

“Blockchain” is a term that in the last year we have often read, heard and, let’s be honest, not fully understood. This is exactly why today we want to try and explain to you in clear terms what it means and how we are equipped to offer specific translation and interpreting services in this field.


On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR (UE) 2016/679] came into effect, and Arkadia Translations was certainly not caught unprepared. To tackle the ever-increasing requests to translate documents relating to this regulation’s scope of application, Arkadia has decided to assist its clients with a team of translators specialising in privacy, in order to make the jump into the era of transparency in digitalisation as painless as possible.

 Arkadia Translations will be taking part for its fourth year as a technical partner in the 17th edition of the Star Conference, held on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 March 2018 at the Headquarters of Borsa Italiana (the Italian Stock Exchange), at 6 Piazza degli Affari in Milan.

Dear Clients,

2017 has been a hugely satisfying year for Arkadia Translations, registering a steady growth as has continually been the case since 1999, when the agency was founded. We have established ourselves as one of the most steadfast translation agencies in the Italian and international landscape.

Arkadia working with C5 and Inhousecommunity

November is a busy month of events for Arkadia Translations, which will be the technical partner for C5’s Anti-Corruption Italy Edition forum, and then a sponsor for the Inhousecommunity Awards Ticino 2017.

21 & 22 November 2017:

Arkadia Translations would like to inform you that it will be participating as a sponsor in the prestigious Inhousecommunity Awards 2017 event, organised by Legal Community, which will be held on Thursday 12 October at Milan’s Calabiana Hub.

25th May 2018 is an important date when it comes to EU citizens’ sensitive data. It marks the coming into force of the Data Protection Regulation, designed to enable citizens to retake full control of their personal data no matter which organisation or company has recorded or stored it. The new data protection rules appear to be a key part of the EU’s Digital Single Market, which covers the fields of digital marketing, e-commerce and telecommunications. The European Commission has made it a priority, and financial institutions might reap the benefits of the digital economy in full.

Dear Customer,

Arkadia Translations will be open in August to support you with the challenges required today by a strong internationalization.

Arkadia Translations è lieta di presentarvi i prossimi eventi a cui parteciperà come sponsor:

Arkadia Translations can today boast of yet another prestigious international membership, this time with the American Translators Association (ATA).

After becoming a member of Elia, the European Language Industry Association, Arkadia Translations has made another strategic international connection by joining The Association of Language Companies (ALC).

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce that 2016 was a very positive year for us. Thanks to your contribution, we achieved results that exceeded our expectations.

Need to translate your financial statements? Looking to bid for a tender?

With the aim of growing within the international marketplace, Arkadia Translations is pleased to announce that it is now a member of Elia, the European Language Industry Association.

Arkadia Translations: always by your side

We’re open 365 days a year, because your business never goes on holiday

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