“Blockchain” is a term that in the last year we have often read, heard and, let’s be honest, not fully understood. This is exactly why today we want to try and explain to you in clear terms what it means and how we are equipped to offer specific translation and interpreting services in this field.


What is Blockchain then? It can be simply defined as a cornerstone of the new generation of the Internet, or of the New Internet. It is believed that it can constitute a sort of Internet of Transactions. For those who look beyond the concept of transactions however, Blockchain has the potential to be the Internet of Value.

Blockchain involves a public register in which the transactions between two users of the same network are stored securely, verifiably and permanently. The data relating to such transfers is saved within cryptographic blocks, linked to one another in a hierarchical structure. This results in the creation of an infinite chain of data blocks (which is where the name “blockchain” comes from), allowing users to pull up all transactions performed and verify them. Therefore, it can be said that one of the primary functions of a blockchain is to validate transactions carried out between different parties.

After specialising in an area of key interest in 2018, the entry into force of the GDPR, we have expanded our knowledge of information privacy and security and online transactions thanks to expert translators and consultants who have trained our staff, to guarantee translations that keep up with the times, including within the Blockchain world.

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