Arkadia Translations celebrates 20 successful years

Arkadia Translations recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. These two decades of activity were celebrated in grand style on 10 October at the Terrazza Triennale in Milan with an exclusive cocktail party, where over 100 guests arrived to toast the company’s first 20 years of success.


The event was organized with the invaluable support of the German Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AHK).

Arkadia increases its turnover: upward trend again in 2019

In 2018, the company’s turnover increased by 37.03% as compared with 2016; in 2019, the trend was also clearly positive thanks to the efficient service supplied by Arkadia, which can count on top professionals in the fields of legal, financial, insurance and international communication.

A point of reference for the most demanding customers

It’s essential to look to the future with optimism in a world which is increasingly characterised by the need to interconnect with different cultures. From this perspective, Arkadia represents an invaluable link for those companies which require customised services.

In 2015, Arkadia crossed the borders to open its new Brussels office. It was, of course, not a random choice – the heart of the European Union is an ideal location for Arkadia to act as a point of reference for institutions and companies from all over Europe, focusing on supplying services for Central Europe and the Benelux area.

Over the last year, we have increased our customer base and launched new working partnerships with top legal offices, banks, financial companies and businesses in the Benelux area and other European countries.

Workflow implementation and innovation are key factors

Efficiency and efficacy are two fundamental concepts in our workflow, but the key word is innovation. It is thanks to our ability for innovation that we have managed to assist thousands of clients through the complexities of the digital era, handling complex issues such as GDPR and Blockchain.

This ability has made Arkadia much more than just a business – it is a group of passionate professionals who are able to understand in depth the needs of customers.

Our growth reveals a positive trend and the long-term project of innovation in the fields of technology, management and communication is ongoing. There are many challenges in the future, all of which we are ready to face.

Our new localisation service for websites and e-learning platforms.

Our new localisation service allows us to tackle the multiple needs of our clients, in real time.

With the new localisation service, we help companies in their globalisation process with website translations and careful selection of keywords according to the linguistic area in question.

This allows us to be operational at all times, and make smart choices that result in high-quality standards. The new localisation service system will further enhance the performance of Arkadia Translations, supplying more concrete evidence of our motto Words connecting Worlds.

Environmental sustainability at all times

Arkadia Translations has always shown great awareness and sensitivity towards environmental issues, participating in projects such as Treedom, which (as part of the Madagascar Project) has planted 130 trees that help combat the devastating effect of CO2 emissions on our planet.

The use of plastic is one of the main causes of environmental pollution today, and one of the most hotly-debated issues of recent times. This is why being Plastic-free is nowadays not just an ethical choice, but a necessity. We have eliminated all plastic in our offices: small steps lead to large results, and we hope that environmental protection always remains a top priority.

Welfare and team play: a real added value

Arkadia recently launched its Welfare project, designed to improve the wellbeing of its employees not only inside the workplace but also during their free time.

Arkadia as technical partner in important events

In 2019, Arkadia took part in many events as a technical partner. One example is the third edition of Legalcommunity Week, which was held last June in Milan – this involved a series of top-quality meetings in the Lombardy capital for 4,800 legal professionals from all over Europe.

In 2019, we also participated as a technical partner in the 18th edition of Star Conference at the Milan Stock Exchange. Arkadia supplied economic-financial interpreting services for companies taking part in the conference, services which confirmed the success of achieved results and future projects.

Legality and best practices

Another event where Arkadia Translations acted as a technical partner supplying interpreting services, was the sixth Anticorruption Forum organised by C5 at the Melià Hotel in Milan, an event attended by representatives from the Ministry of Justice and many stakeholders.

The debate focused on the updating of corporate organisation models and the best practices for remaining up-to-date on changes in issues of criminal law, company law and public tenders.

Arkadia Translations: always by your side

We’re open 365 days a year, because your business never goes on holiday

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