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Our certifield translation services are tailored to meet all your requirments

We translate a wide range of content thanks to our network of specialist mother-tongue translators.

Our interpreters are always there at your side to assist during meetings or conferences.

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Our translators are not just linguists, they have a solid background and in-dept konowledge of the subject matter of the document they are translating. Our translation services are ISO certified pursuant to italian and international standard.

Each of our translations is then carefully scrutinised during a 5-level revision process.

Fast, prompt delivery, even for urgent deadlines. We organise our professionals to work as teams so that we can guarantee constantly excellent results and always meet even the tightest deadlines. 99% of all our projects are delivered on time and 45% are even delivered earlier than scheduled!

When requested, we sign NDAs together with our collaborators, who will never disclose the content of your translations.

Our services are ISO certified pursuant to Italian and international standards.

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We have specialist interpreters wherever you are, throughout Italy and worldwide.

Simultaneous interpreting
real-time complete translation in headphones for the audience and speakers; ideal for conferences and formal presentations.

real-time translation whispered to just a few listeners by the interpreter, without the use of headphones or booths.

Consecutive interpretation
a translated summary of what has been said is provided at intervals for the audience. This is recommended when word-for-word translation is not required and no simultaneous interpreting equipment is available.

Liaison interpreting
our interpreters act as “bridges” between different language speakers, enabling small groups of people to understand each other perfectly This service is particularly suitable for business events, meetings and trade fairs or for delegations.

Rental of technical systems and equipment
We see to the rental of systems, booths, headphones, “bidule” systems and any other technical equipment needed to ensure optimum interpreting results.


remote interpreting

If you are smart working and need to organise multilingual calls, meetings, follow-ups or training sessions, our remote interpreting service is the perfect solution!

Our multilingual web platform ensures you reach out to your audience, in all the world’s languages.

Engage your listeners in the language of your choice with up to 250 passive participants per session.

Save time: our online interpreting service gets your message across efficiently.

Save money: no need for expensive equipment and technicians at your event.

A professional service with a global network of professional interpreters.

User friendly: no apps needed, simply access the platform from your browser via an email link.


other services

We provide many other services

  • sworn and legalised translations
  • notarised translations
  • subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing
  • translations from audio or video sources
  • transcripts of audio or video sources (also in Italian)
  • revision by a mother-tongue translator of your texts written in a foreign language
  • page layout of content for publication in the most common formats