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We help you globalise your company, thanks to translators proficient in the technical terminology so crucial to this sector.
We also put together customised glossaries and style guides for our clients. At corporate level, consistent terminology across all your content is vital and an aspect we pride ourselves on

corporate translation:
our specialist

  • HR
  • sustainability
  • corporate policy
  • due diligence
  • codes of ethics
  • business plan
  • restructuring plans
  • information documents for capital increases
  • minutes from meetings and board meetings
  • organisation and processes
  • anti-money laundering and anti-corruption documents and policies
  • research, development & innovation
  • press releases
  • technical documents and manuals
  • personnel assessments
  • privacy and GDPR documents
  • company presentations
  • employee incentive plans
  • tender documentation
  • product guarantees
  • product info sheets
  • interviews and questionnaires
  • documents for launching new products
  • business correspondence