technical and scientific proficiency

maximum precision

Putting a pharmaceutical on the market is a delicate process and Arkadia is right there at your side during this important stage.
In the pharmaceutical world, clear content is fundamentally important: translations must be absolutely accurate and say exactly what you want to communicate. This is why we only use translators who are experts in this sector, with specific complete understanding of all the processes involved.

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Medical translations

A good translation necessitates a translator who specialises in the medical-pharmaceutical sector, working alongside revisers and consultants with the relevant expertise

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Scientific translations

Our translators are familiar with and use the correct scientific terminology, helping you produce trustworthy content that maintains all the precision and scientific accuracy of the original texts

Technical translations

We translate operator manuals and presentations for electro-medical equipment for companies and hospital units. A process as delicate as it is essential that ensures the correct working and use of all the instrumentation used by sector professionals. This is why the content must be perfectly comprehensible in all the different languages


our specialist areas

  • patient information leaflets
  • procedures for safety at work
  • calls for bids
  • biomedical machinery manuals
  • specialist and technical communication documents
  • questionnaires about pharmaceutical management and surveys
  • scientific research papers