always up-to-date with

new technologies

Today, a variety of technological solutions helps us meet our customers’ increasingly diverse requirements.
In some cases, new technologies also deliver significant savings for customers in terms of time and costs.

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The challenge

We use all the most pioneering technological solutions in our sector to provide customers with tailor-made services.

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Unstinting research and an emphasis on innovation enable us to use new translation technologies to provide faster services, always to the same high quality standards.

Our new technologies

  • in-house platform for exchanging files and managing translation documents: this tool streamlines the workflow between Arkadia and our customers
  • Arkadia uses specific customer platforms where requested
  • professional management platform for remote video interpreting
  • repetition management software to guarantee conformity within translations and with previously translated documents
  • advanced terminology management software
  • artificial intelligence translation tools
  • cutting-edge technologies for website localisation


Customer data security is a fundamental requirement when it comes to adopting any kind of technology. Arkadia Translations complies fully with the EU GDPR data protection regulation.