29 juillet 2021
Tra le prime 20 società di traduzione del Sud Europa

Arkadia Translations: one of the top 20 translation agencies in southern Europe

Despite a year fraught with difficulty, we have managed to achieve our pre-set goals while offering service […]
30 juin 2021

OLYMPICS part 2 – The athletes

More than ten thousand sports men and women, millions of spectators from all over the world, and over 200 countries represented by at least one participating athlete. Few events in the world are such a melting pot of different languages and cultures as the Olympic Games, which will stage its thirty-second edition this summer in Tokyo, as we mentioned in an introductory article to this blog post.
16 juin 2021

Tokyo Olympics 2021

In light of the impending Tokyo Olympics, originally programmed in 2020 but postponed to 2021, we take a look at the linguistic infrastructure of this globally-significant event. The Games will stage the opening ceremony on 23 July 2021 before proceeding until 8 August 2021, when the closing ceremony is scheduled to take place.
31 mai 2021

Arkadia Translations entre dans le monde de la blockchain et de la vie privée informatisée

« Blockchain » est un terme que nous avons souvent lu et entendu l’année dernière et, avouons-le, pas toujours […]
19 mai 2021

The SXSW mega-conference: a melting pot of languages and networking opportunity

The United States are outstanding in their ability to host events and ecosystems which bring together culture, business and art. On the basis of demographic and economic statistics from the last few years, one of the best examples of this is surely South by SouthWest, a huge conglomeration of events with the explicit mission of “Helping creative people achieve their goals”.
6 mai 2021

2021 Israeli legislative elections

As a country which may be considered controversial from historical and geo-political viewpoints, Israel started to make a name for itself in the world economy from the moment of its official founding. It has achieved a remarkable GDP and business ecosystem, especially in terms of technological innovation, in which it is a world leader.
19 avril 2021

Comment protéger vos créations et vos produits contre les concurrents malhonnêtes

Vous êtes créatives ? Vous pouvez gagner de l’argent sur vos créations. Ce peut être un poème comme […]
19 avril 2021

Racheter un fonds de commerce, tout savoir sur le droit à la concurrence

Racheter un fonds de commerce peut être une bonne idée. C’est un bon investissement. Vous aurez directement […]
19 avril 2021

L’essentiel que vous devez savoir sur le prix de transfert

Quand vous avez une entreprise multi divisionnelle qui se trouve dans différents pays, comprendre et mettre en […]